You Don't Have to be Jack Lemmon.....

... to make a huge difference in a young person's life.

Okay it might help, but listen to what Kevin Spacey has to say about the arts, and about how an experienced person said just a few words to him that changed his life.

And, you could argue that Mr. Spacey then went on to change a whole lot of other people's lives through his own acting and advocacy. So there you go.

The Jack Lemmon story is about 4 minutes in. But before you watch, I just want to tell you:

You don't have to be a Jack Lemmon to make this kind of difference. When YOU draw with a young person, spend the time, talk to them about their art, you are playing that role. When I write notes to kids on this site and post their artwork, I am recreating a little bit of that here. That's the point. Art is putting something out into the world, and as grownups we can change a life by seeing it, appreciating it, reacting to it.

Enjoy this video... helps young people and their grownups develop their unique voices through the arts.