Kids' Art - Lovina's Easter Drawing from Sweden

Lovina is 5 and sends this drawing from Sweden.

Lovina this drawing will make people smile and think about Easter for sure. To me, it looks like the little chick is singing a song, because of the way its beak is pointing. It might be singing, "Ooooo, I'm out of the egg, happy Easter!" or something like that. I really like the expression that the chick has.

The egg there looks like it might have another chick inside it, since it does not look like it has been broken yet. Maybe this is a friend or a brother or sister? Have you had a chance to hold a baby chick after it hatches out of the egg? They are little balls of fuzz, just like you show here. Your drawing makes me think that you have seen chicks yourself!

Thank you for sending this Lovina! I hope you will make some more drawings and share them with us.

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