Sketchbooks from All Reused Materials! How Green!

Don't want to mess up that brand new sketchbook you got? Here's your solution!

You get junk mail, right? And paper bags sometimes? And maybe you eat cereal?

Well if you do these things, and you've got a hole punch and some string or wire or whatever, you are in the sketchbook business.

Here are two different types of sketchbooks, for example.

The big one was made out of a cereal box and a paper bag. The cover is a piece of the cereal box, with the printed part on the inside. That one I stapled.

The small ones are also from a paper bag. I took a long strip, folded it like an accordion, punched two holes in the side with the non-fold edges, and added string. Insta-book.

You can get more special about it too, if you want. For this next one, I added some beads. I also used a cereal box here, you can see the happy cereal-eating lady peeking out of the inside back cover.

And, it comes with a nice reminder to eat breakfast. This is part of the fun of using random packaging. You never know what great things you might be able to cut out and use.

Again, the pages are made from a paper shopping bag that I had. I just cut the pages to slightly smaller than the cover and punched some holes.

These are made entirely from random paper products that come into your life. And a bit of string or other fabulous details. By making sketchbooks or notepads out of reused materials, you can be a lot less precious about it and get busy putting something in them. Glue in your favorite stuff out of a magazine, or tell a story, or give it to a friend. When you use it up, make another one.

My daughter took one and customized it with some newsprint and a sticker on the front:

Then she added even more stuff on the back,

And even a picture of "milk and cookies" on the inside.

Next, it will be time to draw in them! Look out. We've got sketchbooks and we're not afraid to use em!