Drooly Dog is Evolving!

You'll be noticing some New Tricks at Drooly Dog this week. Here's a bit about them:

Drawing is the basis of all visual arts. It is also an impulse that goes back to the cave folks. Drawing is a great source of joy. So, the Drooly Dog Drawing School is all about getting your pencil moving, and giving you that extra nudge to draw with your favorite young people. There will be free drawing lessons, animations, videos, and the like, along with coloring pages, and downloadable books. Rock!!

Tail Wags
These will be bits of inspiration that I gather in my travels - quotes, wonderful artists and their work, and anything else YOU send that gets people thinking about art and makes the world a little bigger and more creative. (I suspect there will be a lot more video going on... just a hunch.)

Dog Run
These will be projects of any sort, with tips and instructions on how to get started. With a major emphasis on Reusing and Recycling. AND, the Junk Mail Derby, in which I take whatever came in my junk mail on a given day and make something out of it.

And of Course, the Drooly Dog Gallery of Kids' Art! (Check it out on Flickr!)
Send something by your favorite young artist for the Gallery! It is looking terrific. Each posting comes with a note from me to the artist. I often give them more artists and things to look at as well, inspired by what they've made. Send it to bigdogATdroolydog.org today!