Tail Wag: Inspiration from the Drooly Artists.

A little piece of inspiration for you, from some of the artists of Drooly Dog.

Know a young artist? Or a few, or a bunch? Send some of their work over.

Talking to young artists about their work is an important part of the creative process. Artists put their thoughts out into the world, and everyone else gets a chance to see it.

Please forward this post to anyone you know who is a parent, or an art teacher, or knows some cool young people who like to make things.

And remember - this isn't a contest! In fact, often the littlest project made one afternoon after school can turn out to be incredibly interesting. We'll talk about how the artwork compares to different styles, and point to paintings, animations and more that can offer even more inspiration.

Email art to bigdog@droolydog.org, with DROOLY DOG in the subject line!

Opening email is like Christmas when someone sends work!