Kids' Art - Rachel Goes Underwater

Rachel is in first grade, and this is her drawing. Note all the captions and speech bubbles!

Rachel there is a lot going on here in trout world! You must have spent a lot of time choosing your colors and adding the details. I notice also that you paid a lot of attention to what a trout looks like, and how the eggs all look like little eyeballs. And the magnifying glass is a very clever way to give people a closer look.

My favorite thing though, is the person who is not even in the drawing. We know they are there because there are clues at the top. There are musical notes letting us know that the person is singing, and then the words to their song. And then, there is the fishing line coming down from above the water. To make that, you had to think about how you would let people know there is a fisherman there, even though you can't see them. You have to have the point of view of the person looking at the picture. This is very tricky, and it makes your picture go right off of the piece of paper! I think that is really interesting and it adds a lot to your scene and makes it into a story.

Thank you for sending this Rachel! And everyone else, send me kids' artwork so I can write to them about it here. We're starting a conversation about the work of young artists and the role it plays in their lives and ours. Attach it to me at, or learn more about the project by clicking here or checking it out on Facebook.