Kids' Art - Meret will Make You Happy.

Meret is five and a half years old, and sends this drawing from Germany. Her dad says that she drew him this picture on a day when he was feeling stressed.

Meret I had a stressful day recently also, and I have to say that this drawing makes me feel better. All of the shapes seem to be smiling! The colors are so bright, and the hearts are so friendly looking. I love the round windows, also! That makes me think about windows in a different way, like maybe they are the eyes of a building looking out at me.

Also, you used different colors in your background to show things that are far away. This is not an easy thing to do! Have your dad show you the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, and look at the way he made the background. You will notice that he put things back there using different colors too, so that they looked farther away.

Thank you Meret! I think I will look at this whenever I am sad.

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