Kids' Art - Katharina's Mermaid!

I told you that Katharina was prolific.

One thing that pops out at me right away when I look at this mermaid is, that the color of the water makes it look like the sun is reflecting off of it. Also, I notice you gave a lot of thought to how she is sitting on her rock and how her tail is in relation to the water.

There are some parts where I can almost see you there, drawing very fast and filling in lots and lots of color (like the sky) and other parts, like the sun and the mermaid's tail, where I can see you there being very detailed and working more slowly.

And, the crabs are very cool. With their claws up in the air like that they look like they might be excited about something the mermaid just said.

Thanks Katharina for more art! I hope your mom has enough paper for you.

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