Kids' Art - George draws action - with sound effects!

George is 6. And he also has some ideas about action scenes and animation, I think.

George, it's really interesting how you show things moving through the air here, as if this was a movie. And then you add sound effects to go with it! I am wondering what the guy sitting there in front of the mountain range is thinking, though. He seems like he is not really involved. But maybe he is! Maybe he is in charge of strategy.

This also reminds me of action movies, like "Indiana Jones," where they start out with a very big, wide view of the action before they zoom in on any details. The next time you watch a movie, see if you can find the wide shots - they often show things from above, as if you are in an airplane or something. They do it in "Cars," too, when they show a really big view of the desert and the mountains.

Thanks George for having your mom send this! If you have anything to add feel free to have your parents help you add a comment!

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