Kids' Art - Katharina's Very Windy Drawing.

Katharina's in first grade, and her mom says they can't keep enough paper around for all her drawings. Go Rina!

Rina this is really funny. Obviously when it's windy it can be a problem to have a lot of hair. I like the way you're showing how one side blows out while the other side blows across your face, depending on which way the wind is going. And the swirls of wind over their heads!

Also, you are using a 4-part story here, which is exactly how the comic strip Peanuts was done - take a look, Charles Schulz mostly used 4 boxes to make his comics. In this case, you've got each of the four characters saying something, and then the fourth one says the punch line - not mine! Because he's got a lot less hair than anyone else. Brilliant!

P.S. Hey everyone, here's a super secret trick to doing speech bubbles - do your words first, then draw the bubble around it. That way, your words will ALWAYS fit! You heard it here first.

Thanks Rina for sending this drawing! And to everyone else - come join the Drooly Dog Drawing Project!