What Can I Do For You?

- I can LICENSE YOU ART OR CARTOONS - for books, magazines, presentations, merchandise, displays, anything you need.

- I can CREATE SPOT ILLUSTRATIONS for your presentation, article, or project

- I can help you VISUALIZE CONCEPTS, explain yourself to your audience, MAKE COMPLEX THINGS CLEAR


- I can MAKE ILLUSTRATED EBOOKS/MOVIES, stories, introductions and slides after the style of the Creative Beast (and many others)

- GOT ANOTHER IDEA? Something you'd like to talk about? Try out? Play with? Write me right away! (mail AT betsystreeter.com) Let's sketch and talk!

How to License Artwork and Cartoons:

I am uploading new stuff there all the time.
They are wonderful, and easy to work with. Check them out!

If you can't find what you seek there, email me (mailATbetsystreeter.com) with:
- A description or caption
- Where you saw the art or cartoon or animation
- What you want to use it for (type of use, circulation or number of copies)
That's all I need.
I can get you the file, and quote you a license fee right quick.

I look forward to talking with you!