About Me

Hi there! I'm Betsy Streeter, and I'm glad you came to visit.

I'm a teaching cartoonist + illustrator + designer + mom. I write about drawing, thinking, thinking while drawing, and drawing while thinking.

I live in Northern California with my kids, cats, husband and an enormous collection of books and music.

I believe Art is the Power to Speak the Truth.

My goal each day is to draw something for someone.

I publish e-books on creativity. Here is one called "Ten Great Uses for a Pencil," and here is another called "How to Draw Nothing." Both are free. I also did this one:

If you want the full career rundown, you can see my resume on LinkedIn.

Want to work together? Got a question? Here's my address: mail AT betsystreeter.com.

Here's a partial client list:

Cartooning and Illustration:
King Features
The Funny Times
Utne Reader
Body + Soul Magazine (a Martha Stewart publication)
Coaching Sanctuary
For Women First Magazine
Z Magazine (cover, double issue)
Universal Press
Wiley Publishing
Thomson Learning
Henry Stewart Talks
Daily Press, Newport News Virginia
Utah Statesman, Utah State University
The Lamoni Chronicle, Lamoni, Iowa
The Rake, Minneapolis, Minnesota
She Shines (YWCA), Rhode Island
Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory Exhibit, "Black Holes and Time Twists"
Mommy Tracked
Oxford University
Stanford University Press

Design, Design Strategy, UI, UX:
Xerox (design appears in Jakob Nielsen's book, "Designing Web Usability")
Electronic Arts
Indus International

Please feel free to email me and I will be happy to draw something for you!