Education Architecture

So if you search on "Education Architecture" on the Web, you get lots of sites about how to build buildings that are great for learning in. Which is cool.
However, I'd like to use the term a little differently, as an adaptation of the term "Information Architecture." Education Architecture, for me, is the process of developing highly adaptable learning tools that address the many constraints on education today. I'm sure it's in use in other places in sort of related ways, but here I'm adapting it for my own purposes.
As I've mentioned, I'm an Info Architect by profession when I'm not cartooning, and I think that design in general is extremely well suited to solving educational problems. We designers are used to taking constraints and requirements, putting them together with hopes and aspirations, and coming out with something constructive.

Make Your Own Darn Art (Box) is the first project that I would call an Education Architecture project. I'm seeking feedback from my smarty-pants friends on how to grow it. (Oh, and some of my smarty-pants friends have pointed out that I shouldn't publish the architecture for the Art Box just yet, as I figure out its business plan. So no, you can't see the Wiki right now.)

There will be more Education Architecture projects as well (and more Wikis as I go). But I'd like to adapt the phrase as not just being about buildings, but also about the design of adaptable learning tools.