Alright, those last couple posts have been kind of esoteric, so now let's talk cat barf.
You see, recently my cat barfed on my pillow. On. My pillow.
And yes, it soaked on through.
So, obviously this is not a usable pillow any more. But, not wanting to be wasteful, I attempted to wash the pillow in the washing machine.
Well, as everyone knows, a wet pillow is a 600-pound pillow. And so the washing machine cannot spin it around.
So, I got a soapy, 600-pound pillow.
I then lugged it outside and dumped it on the ground, where it proceeded to leak water everywhere for seriously a day or so.
Then I flipped it over and it leaked some more.
Now it's kind of fluffy, but it's soapy, as I mentioned. So it needs to be rinsed.
I thought about the bathtub, but that's too far from the door. I' wouldn't know how to get the 600-pound pillow outside again.
So there it sits, impressing everyone who resents when people just leave random stuff sitting outside their houses.
I'm not sure what to do with it now.
It is mocking me.
My cat is mocking me too.