School Mural Project: The Next Panel!

We're on the third panel (out of 5) of the mural for the science building at my kids' school.

The first two panels are up, and they look just fantastic. And, they have withstood some serious amounts of rain here in Northern California.

Here you can see where the mural is being installed - there will be 5 panels altogether. Note also the variety of sports equipment that has been launched onto the roof of the science building....

And, here's a little closer view. We've gone from DNA to cell stomata, and cell stomata to oak leaves.

So, continuing our "powers of ten" concept, the next panel goes from oak leaves, on the inner panel, to oak trees, on the outer frame.

Here it is sketched out. The trick is to get the oak trees to "read" like oaks, which have this unique shape - especially since the mural is so bright, almost Matisse-like in character.

And here is the whole panel, sketched out. I used chalk to sketcha nd suggest the colors, and then a big fat Sharpie to put in the lines so it's like a giant coloring book.

Next up, kids with paintbrushes!! Wish our science teacher luck.