Kids' Art - Alli's Glam Doll!

Alli is 9 and sent this from Texas:

Now that is a doll with attitude.

First of all, you have to appreciate the toes. Those are really something. And so tiny!

She's also posed in such a way that she could probably hold a microphone and do some serious singing, too. And her outfit is something that I bet a lot of people would like to have. I personally am a huge fan of green, and the belt is fabulous. And of course, the hair is all attitude - like she's a rocker, or just doesn't care what anyone thinks, she's got confidence and she's ready to walk down a runway or something.

I'm told that this is made from papier mache, so you had to be pretty patient waiting for it to dry I bet. Sometimes art has to be done in stages, so that your materials don't get each other wet or mix up together.

Thanks for sending this Alli!

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