Kids' Art - Rainey's Beautiful Tree

Rainey is 8, and from West Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

Rainey this is such a striking tree! It is a very strong shape, and the colors are complimentary, meaning that the orange red is opposite to the blue purple on a color wheel. Have your parents show you a color wheel so you can see what I mean. The oranges will be on one side, and the blues directly across on the other side.

Complimentary colors contrast with each other a lot, which makes this tree really stand out as a shape. Also, this makes the blue stand out as a shape of its own. This is called "negative space," or the shape of the space around the object.

Your painting and style remind me of a painter named Andre Derain. Have your parents look him up for you! I think you will be surprised. He paints a lot of trees also!

Thank you for sending this, Rainey! I really like looking at it. You have a strong sense of shapes and how to put a picture together. This is called composition.

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