Kids' Art - Kate's Drawing of Miku!

Kate is 10, and is from Romulus, Michigan, USA.

Her mom tells me that her drawing is of "Hatsune Miku, a Vocaloid Singer (#01.) from Japan. (She is a (Scientist Created) touchable hologram- that sings and performs on stage with a real band alone and with other singers who have #'s also.)"

And, I might add, she is very cool-looking.

Kate, this looks like a drawing in the Manga style, which is a style of drawing that is used to create Japanese animations. I love the detail that you have put into her outfit, with the tie and boots and her excellent blue hair. She looks as if she is going to start dancing.

I also notice that you put a lot of thought into the outlines of this character, she has very strong shapes just like a cartoon or animation. Animators do the outlines first, and then there is a whole separate group of people who color them in. This is so that they can get the character to move correctly, before they go to the trouble of adding the colors.

I wonder if this is your favorite, or if you have more than one that you like to draw!

Thanks for sending this Kate, I know a lot of kids love Manga and this will get them interested!

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