Kid' Art - Aaisha's Amazing Sunflower

Aaisha is 6 years old and sent this picture from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Aaisha you draw very strong shapes and use very bright colors! That is one amazing sunflower. There are so many things to look at here, the leaves, and the house. And I really like the way you drew the sun in the sky too, with those big thick rays coming out of it.

I am curious about this house, it looks like I can see the inside and the outside at the same time! There was an artist named Pablo Picasso who did the same thing, showing things from the inside out. Your colors, though remind me of an artist named Henri Matisse. You should look at some of his paintings!

I am interested in the insides of the house, all those little rooms and the different colors. It looks like it is big inside, with lots of places to explore in there.

Thank you for sending this Aaisha! I think this will make the day bright for lots of people.

And everyone else, send me artwork! The Drooly Dog Drawing Project is all about looking at, and talking about, kids' art. You can check us out on Facebook, or learn more about the project here. Thanks for reading!