The Drooly Dog Goes 3D with Ben's Sculpture!

Yes, it's the first official Drooly Dog sculpture, by Ben.

Sometimes when something exciting happens, you just have to make some art about it.

In this case, the Giants had just won the World Series and Ben felt the need to commemorate the moment by building a tribute to the Giants' closer, Brian Wilson.

Ben, I am wondering how long it took you to make this! I understand that the blue scarf is "The Beard."

This is fascinating how you used so many different things to make the body parts. You had to think about what would stand up, and where the clothes would go, and how to give your sculpture legs. The boots are a great idea since they stand up on their own. I think all sculptors have to think about this all the time - how do I make something that is going to be what I want, and still stand up?

And the use of the track from the matchbox cars is a great idea since you can put it any way you want and it will still hold up. Those tracks are really useful aren't they?

Thanks to your mom for sending this - Ben you might start a whole movement of kids making sculptures!

And everyone else, send me art (paintings, drawings, sculptures, works in sand or dirt or whatever) by young artists! Here's more about the Drooly Dog Drawing (and Sculpture) Project, or join us on Facebook. Talking to kids about their art can change the world, and we're just getting started.