Drooly Studio: For Gosh Sake, Make Puppets.

Something happens to people when they make puppets. The start to talk in funny voices and accents and things. All this personality comes pouring out.

Puppet workshop

So I am here to say: Make puppets. Use a sock, or get some elaborate instructions if you are the elaborate type. But it is well worth it.

Lest I fail to offer you any sort of valuable information on HOW to make puppets, here is a list of materials that I recommend. How you put them together is up to you.

1. Fabri-Tak. This is amazing and weird stuff. Not only does it stick together all your puppet parts in a permanent fashion, but as it dries it can be rolled into little goo balls and played with.

2. Socks. Oh, you can sew your puppets if you are the sort to do that. But socks are great and naturally funny for some reason.

3. Googly eyes. This is in fact all you need to make something into a puppet. Googly eyes plus Fabri-Tak plus anything equals a character. Period.

4. Yarn, foamies, extra fabric, wire, pipe cleaners, glitter, beads, whatever. Grass. Cardboard. String. Doesn't matter. This is your big chance to use up random supplies.


That's it. Make puppets. They are this magic personality-releasing device.

Puppets at the park