Drooly Dog Gallery: Super Modern Battle Scene by Thomas

This painting is from Thomas, who lives in New York. Last time I saw Thomas, well.... I actually never saw Thomas, he was just a baby bump. But now he's out and painting amazing things. Go Thomas!

His mom says, "It is a cat looking with his mouth open at a Star Wars kind of walker. It is firing its guns and it is in a war. It has one huge gun that is firing."

Thomas' Super Modern Battle Scene

I just love scenes like this because it is like everything is moving. Even the colors. I could definitely see adding sound effects to this painting.

Also, the way this is painted, reminds me of an artist named Willem de Kooning. Have your parents look up de Kooning with you, and see how he painted. He used a lot of shapes and lines to show things that look like they are moving, too. The way you posed the legs also makes it seem to move.

The cat looks like it is pretty upset about the walker. The walker looks very threatening, like it is just going to stomp over everything in its path. It does not look like there is very much you can do to stop it, especially with those big legs stomping along.

Thanks for sending this Thomas! If you have friends in your class who like to make art, have them send something - I have a guess that there are a couple of other creative kids living with you, too!

Everyone else, send art to Drooly Dog, we are talking about art from all over the world and showing kids how powerful their art really is. Send it to bigdog@droolydog.org, with DROOLY DOG in the subject. Include the artist's first name, age, and location. I'm looking forward to getting something from you! (Oh, and join us on Facebook, too!)