More Art from Paris - an excellent superhero!

Everybody look out for M. Citron, who can transform himself into a lemon and squirt lemon juice into the eyes of criminals.

I wish I could show it much larger - perhaps I will have to start a gallery for this work!

From Ido's dad, here is the explanation for each panel:
1) A thief arrives through the ceiling [you have to love the grin on his face -Betsy]
2) The thief wants to steal a briefcase (laughing). Mr. Citron tranforms into a lemon
3) Mr. Citron squirts juice at the thief's eyes
4) The thief, cries ('AA!')
5) Mr Citron also has a 'juice gun' that gets filled when he transforms, so he continues to squirt the thief.
6 and 7 are a repetition of 2 and 3. Ido told me that he loved so much when he transforms that he made him transform once more :-)
8) the thief flees, leaving the briefcase alone.
9) 'Fin' The end in french

Ido this is such fun to read - and it looks like your character really knocks out those bad guys! The lines you use to show the juice flying really makes it look powerful. And his transformation is also amazing - it makes me want to make sound effects to go with it! Thank you for showing us this character and how you lay out a comic page!