Kids' Art: Ben's Technicolor Turtle.

Hey Ben, love this drawing. It reminds me of a couple of things:

1. The Dr. Seuss story of the pale green pants. Especially the page where the main character goes to pick a peck of snide. It's got that same background/paper color, and I've always really liked it.

2. The Beatle's Yellow Submarine album cover. This creature has a great, colorful look to him and the shapes are very similar too. Have your dad show it to you!

Thanks for sending this over - and if you want, let us know in the comments how old you are and how you made this, okay? Is it painted? And it looks like it is nighttime - is that true? So much to look at!

Remember everyone, send me art by your favorite kid so I can talk to them about it here. You can attach it to -- and thank you!!