Kids' Art: A Tremendous Battle by Isaiah

Isaiah is in 2nd grade, and he lives in Syracuse, Indiana, USA. This is his tremendous battle scene.

Isaiah the first thing I look at is that amazing creature, with the flames on its sides and the long neck. And then I look up and notice that somebody just shot a hole in the top of the tower, and that the guy inside the building is firing away with an evil grin on his face. I am wondering if all the creatures are on one side against the humans, or are there some humans battling against each other? It looks like the monster with the flames on him maybe is on the same side as the people in the building, since they have the same flames on their flag and on the side of their headquarters.

And also, it looks like the cannon on the left is able to fire in different directions. Everyone is shooting at the bird-like monster, but it doesn't seem affected. At least not yet.

I could go on for a while! There is so much action here. I like the way you show how things are moving through the air, and there are many things going in different directions. It is like there are a bunch of little battles happening inside one big battle. If you want to give us some more description, you can leave a comment!

Thanks Isaiah for sending this over! I'm sure you will inspire people to draw lots of action scenes now.