Kids' Art: A Mountain Lake by Kenny

This is by Conny's brother, Kenny! He's 6 too!

Hey Kenny, this is an interesting drawing for a few reasons. First, it reminds me of times when I have been to the mountains. One great thing about art is, you draw something, then other people look at it, and they have their own ideas - that you never thought of! I went to a lake in the mountains once and sat there and ate lunch, and this picture made me think of that right away.

Another interesting thing is, how the things that are farther away are higher up on the page (that one tree in the snow must be cold!). This reminds me of Japanese art, like landscapes that they paint on scrolls that go up and down. The things that are far away are at the top, and closer things at the bottom. Have your parents show you some Japanese paintings - they can search on "japanese painting scroll mountains" to get some good examples.

Thanks for having your folks send this Kenny!

P.S. Now that you went in and made a correction on there, I'm dying to know what was there before you covered it.......