Featured Posts: Plywood! Folding! No, you can't fold Plywood!

Lots going on - the Creative Beast continues to roam the landscape (embedded in 255 websites so far!!), and has become part of the basis for a Brand New Site and Book Project called "Middle Aged Crazy: Because Being Creative Can Save Your Life." Exciting!

Also, the Mural Project for my kids' school is taking shape, we've got oodles of plywood squares, a big sketch, and as soon as the rain stops I'll start putting on the lines for the kids to fill in!

And furthermore, if you want a new little world to live in, maybe you can fold one for yourself.

Creativity thought to try today: Complete the sentence, "I could just bust out creatively if only..." - I tried this the other day and it really got me thinking - and drawing. Enjoy!