Creativity and Quiet

Our brains come up with stuff at the darndest times. Everyone knows stories about Big Ideas that occurred to people in the shower, or other parts of the bathroom, or driving along, or somewhere like that. I know someone who had an epiphany while driving his boat and had to pull over a minute to think it through. And then launched a new business.

Plus, there are all those dreams. My daughter had a dream last night where her little brother got arrested, and hurt, and then saved by firefighters, and there were misunderstandings and drama and clearly she's got her brother's safety on her mind for some reason. What a lot for an 8-year-old to be coming up with in her sleep!

So, what is that? I'll tell you - it's your undermind doing its vast, amazing job when your chattering overmind shuts up for a minute. It's always there, but wow we do a good job of getting in its way with all our blabbering and devices and worries and things.

So, I've built quiet into my day. Not just physical quiet, but mental quiet. Because I know that undermind is there, and I know it's doing its thing.

That overmind is there to relate to the outside world - read the bus schedule, talk in a meeting, all of that stuff.

The undermind, though, is where thinking happens. It's like a garden where you grow ideas. So you've got to give it what it needs to be healthy. Which is quiet.

Some people meditate (I do). When you have a meditation practice for a while, you find that you start to quiet your mind just as a matter of course throughout the day. So instead of having a time when you meditate, your whole day gets more - meditative.

I can't tell you how much easier it is for me to generate ideas in this state.

So, whatever your choice, give your undermind some quiet. Get a book on meditation. Or just turn off the TV. Anything to let those shoots of ideas come up. All they need is some quiet.