Draw me a Maze!

Every so often when I'm drawing with kids, things burst out into a maze making session and everyone starts shouting, "Draw me a maze!" Then the kids will always say, "Make it a really difficult one!" - and I try to, but drawing a maze is more complex than you think. I'll do this big complicated looking thing, and it will turn out there's a route straight through it.

Also, the kids peek over my shoulder as I'm drawing it sometimes... which in my book is cheating, since I haven't even finished the thing yet -

Anyway, they are great fun.

Then, the kids draw mazes for me to solve....

The mazes the kids draw include things like pits to fall into, and lines that get drawn as I'm solving it, and other hazards -

Making puzzles for each other is so fascinating, since you have to think about the person who is going to be trying to solve it. So it's an exercise in visualizing, as well as empathy.

Next time you're doodling, try drawing a maze - it's kind of a meditative thing to do!