The Pumpkin Totem Pole Lives!

The glue gun has done its work. The wings are on, and the thing is standing up...

It's two-sided, so all the kids in the class could do a pumpkin face, or a bat, or a wing...

How, you might ask, does it stay vertical?

Well, I stole an old basketball hoop game from our backyard that had been around quite a while - the kids played with it for a long time, then the wind knocked it over and it broke. So we were left with a pole and a base.

So, I cut holes in the tops and bottoms of the pumpkins and strung them on there. It's like a gigantic bead project. The kids were using it like an abacus to do math on briefly.

Then, the owl's wings are on sticks and stuck into the sides of the top pumpkin.

There was a little extra pole at the top so I mounted a couple of bats up there. There are two more that will go on wires and spring around.

Now there's getting it over to the school... that will involve a parade of me and my kids and a red wagon I think.