Welcome Drooly Dogs!

So, for some reason that is known only to the cosmos, I have been running two blogs for some time.

And, those two blogs have stuff in them that should be friends.

You see, one of them is this one, with my various cartoons and drawings and artwork in it...

The other one is all about kids, art and creativity and meant to inspire with cool projects and ideas.

So, you'd think that sharing my process and stuff as an artist would be good to combine with writings on creativity, eh? And you would be right.

So, from now on I'm going to combine both of my blogs into this one right here. Which means, you'll see both my teaching projects and my artist/cartoonist proAdd Imagejects all in one place.

Nifty eh?

I'm going to leave The Drooly Dog Blog up, while I figure out how to import all those posts here (there's a button to do that, but it doesn't seem to do anything.) So for those archives, you can still look there.

So if you've been reading the Drooly Dog Blog, welcome! I hope that his newer bigger bunch of art and projects and ideas and links and thoughts gives you inspiration and a reason to smile.