The Mural Project: Update

Well, we're going to create a mural at my kids' school. It's going to go on the side of the science lab, shown here. I'm going to post updates as we get started... after much sketching, we've come up with a plan that involves 5 big panels (not 6 as I've mocked up here), and the concept is "Powers of Ten" or "Powers of 37 1/2" or whatever it turns out to be - we're going to work our way out from cells to DNA to Earth to the galaxy.

Part of the challenge is determining how the kids will participate in the project, and still get something that looks right and they can be proud of (and that will last a long time). Fortunately, another parent has plans for these things, like what types of wood and primer to use and how to cut this up properly. We're going to paint it in 1-foot squares, so the kids work on their own "tile" and then we put them all up, like a puzzle.

So my next task is to get the design nailed down so none of the square "tiles" is boring to paint, and so the science teacher feels that it's sort of accurate. More to come as this take shape...