A Story in Pictures

As a cartoonist, I love to tell stories. Each of my cartoons has a past, a present, and a future - you have to get all the characters, dialog, scenery, and time into a single panel. Each one is about something that is happening, something that just happened, or something that is about to happen. I know, it's a jam-packed bit of ink and paper eh?

However, I also love to work in longer form, which for me means getting all crazy and doing more than one drawing.

So here are the first 8 pages of a story told in pictures. Or, you can just look at the slideshow above.

This started with an image I've drawn all my life - a figure in a chair, facing away. I think I draw this when I'm feeling overwhelmed, or confused, or just hiding.

Then, I just got up and left the room and went to see what happened.

These 8 pages are the very, very beginning of what happened.