Your call is important to us...

Ah yes, it's such fun to go back and look at the early ones.

I'm thinking of this one because I'm about to try to turn off two TiVo boxes. You see, I've upgraded to the monster big HD TiVo - which you would think is a good thing, but they really really want me to keep paying for service to the two smaller boxes that I'm not using. The whole DVR thing is pretty weird - you get a box, there's a number on it, there' s a service attached to the number... anyway, I'm going to dive into the great ocean known as Customer Service, and they are counting on me giving up and continuing to pay them. This is a Business Model.

UPDATE: That wasn't so bad! I retired Bruce and Bono and am keeping Gigantor. Yay for unexpectedly easy customer service experiences! I will continue to love TiVo.