Invite an Ipp to come Hang Out with You!

The Ipps are loose and they want to come see you...
They want to come to your house.
They want to come to your office.
They want to be your friend.
So far there are a space, viking, rock and roll and sports Ipp.
They are magnets, so you can put them where you want and accessorize as you like.
Since they are hand-assembled, they come in a fashionable sandwich bag. Since that's what I have. And I want to use after-market and salvaged materials as much as I can.
It says there's one in stock for each style, but that's not really true. I can make more.
So, invite an Ipp to hang out with you! Or get several and mix their accessories up. Or give one to a friend - they are good karma I'm told.