Four Years Ago Tomorrow...

Four years ago tomorrow, I did two things... I gave birth to my son at 1 in the morning, and I started publishing daily in the Daily Press in Newport News, Virginia. So this time every year, I think about where I was in 2004 - lots of things getting started! I had only been generating a daily panel for a few months, having published spot cartoons for about 10 years before that. So that was a really exciting time. In between contractions.
Now I am so glad I started publishing daily, because it means that I draw every day - and that is really important to my overall health and happiness. Crazy day jobs in the past have obscured that, and that's been a bad thing. So I want to say,
THANK YOU to the Daily Press for picking up Brainwaves, and even putting it up next to Dilbert!
And, THANK YOU to everybody who reads here, or in your local daily, weekly or monthly, or online, or anywhere. You are all fabulous.
Oh, and THANK YOU to my son for finally showing up after 2 weeks of contractions. That was totally worth it and you are a capital dude.