Kids' Art - Ahmad's Art Might Get Up and Walk Around.

Ahmad is 8, and sent this from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Something about this jacket makes me think it is going to get up and go somewhere. I think it might be the way the arms are positioned. It is kind of leaning on the wall there, waiting for something. But I really want to see it move!

It reminds me of stop-motion animations. Are you familiar with those? Stop motion animations are made by taking a picture, then moving your character, then taking another picture, and so on, and then showing all the pictures together very fast, like a flip book. When you do that, it looks like the character is actually moving. Wallace and Gromit were made using stop-motion animation with clay, also called "claymation."

Here is a little piece of animation that was made with paper:

Thank you Ahmad for sending this, it will be interesting to see if other people think that it might get up and move also!

And everyone else, send me artwork! The Drooly Dog Drawing Project is all about looking at, and talking about, kids' art. You can check us out on Facebook, or learn more about the project here. Thanks for reading!