Super Cool SF Giants Scooter Rack Project.

Particularly if you are an SF Giants fan. This is my son's 1st-grade class' contribution to our school auction.

Someone came up with a really cool idea to make a customized scooter/bike rack, and to make the top of it look like the scoreboard at AT&T Park -- as an item to auction off for our school.

Have you ever really looked at the scoreboard at AT&T Park? It's got a whole lotta details. So I simplified it down a ways - and added in "ads" for our kids' school. And of course a big ol' World Series graphic on the jumbo-tron. I put an American flag where there's usually a beer ad.

Anyway, here's how the top of it looks:

The kids each drew a "fan," many of whom have Panda hats and Beards as well as cotton candy - and a whole lot of them are catching fly balls, which I take as a good omen for the Giants' batting in the coming season - since these fans are so far out in the outfield. I gave them each an index card to draw on so they would be a standard size.

I used the age-old method of putting pencil rubbing on the backs of the drawings/artwork and then tracing over it to "transfer" the kids' drawings, and the SF logo and the clock and the AT&T Park lettering, onto the wood - which was primed white with Kilz. The colors are added using acrylic paint.

Here's how it looks attached to the fabulous stand:

Let there be massive crazed bidding for this, and may all school auctions out there raise absolute gobs and piles of money for your schools as well.