Kids' Art - Nelson's Magnificent Owl.

Nelson is 9, and I'm told he's very taken with owls currently.

Nelson this is a really detailed drawing! You must have spent a whole lot of time working on all of the different kinds of feathers, the different patterns, the claws - you have clearly looked very very closely at owls to be able to draw this much detail. I bet this is a particular species of owl, too.

Also I really like the way you thought about how the owl is sitting on the tree branch, and how the owl is in the foreground, while the branches and parts of the tree are in the background. You have to think about how a branch will continue on the other side of something, when you can't see all of it. That can be tricky, especially since things in real life sometimes don't look the way you would imagine them. It helps just to look around a lot and notice how things go in front of and behind each other.

Thanks for sending this Nelson!