My Holiday Wish: 30 Minutes a Day.

Here's my Holiday Wish:
That every kid had 30 minutes a day just to make something.

Could be a scribble, or a paper doll, or a rubber band ball, or whatever.

But, 30 minutes of open-ended, make something time.

I wish this were built into the school day.

If it were, we'd be telling our kids that we want to know something about them, every day.

We'd also be telling them that we are willing to make room in their day for their own ideas, and that they should do the same for other people.

30 minutes to shift your brain away from the "right" answer,
30 minutes to just be you,
30 minutes to make a mess.
(and maybe a few extra minutes to clean it up.)

Here's how it would work:
Every kid would have, somewhere, a little box of something like yarn, or paper and crayons, or clay or something - maybe at the back of the classroom, maybe in a little shelf in the dining room - somewhere.
And every day, they would pull that box out and mess around for half an hour.
That's it.

I wish everyone had this.

I think it would make the world better.

That's my wish.