Here's to Total Craft Anarchy.

Never underestimate the power of a box of random pieces of felt and bottles of glue, and some foamies, and some googly eyes.

First, there's sewing in paper. Draw a shape, poke holes with the needle around the lines, then stitch using the holes. Totally cool.

Then, there's stuffed felt things. This is Ron.

Then, there's making a big dude out of a piece of foamie and adding eyeballs.

Then, there's Creative Beasts. One of the great things I'm discovering about the Beast is that it's a simple creature, and this means that I and my 9-year-old daughter can make them together in all sorts of media - in fact it's probably pretty hard to tell which ones I made and which ones she made... I'm not telling.

Just getting out a bunch of materials is enough to get a ton of creating going. Sure, you may have to think about what materials to use and maybe get the basics of stitching something, but really, a total lack of technique can be a fantastic thing. Then it's all about how things feel, and colors, and doing stuff with scissors, and trying things out. Totally different mindset from trying to do a "project."

Here's to total lack of technique! Craft anarchy! Things unsuitable for magazines! Hooray!!!