Give the Gift of the Creative Beast

Recently, Rick at Middle Aged Crazy gave a webinar entitled, "When do I Get to Be Me?"

It was all about making creative space in your life, in asking the world for the room to roam a bit.

Here's a little add-on to that thought: The best way to receive more creative space is, to give it to other people.

For example, if time to create is part of your family culture, everyone respects one another's creative time.

And here's an added bonus: When you are around other people who are making things or trying things out, it makes your own work better. Doesn't even matter if you work in the same medium. It just alters your environment to be a place where ideas are part of the scenery, and where unexpected combinations can occur.

So here's a little reminder called "The Gift of the Creative Beast," about how to release and encourage the Beast in others -- and make the world a more creative place for yourself in the process.