Introducing: The Big Book of Drawing Adventures Volume 1!

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Has it been a while since you tried drawing? Do you feel like drawing is not really your strength? Do you like drawing, but you are looking for a new way of looking at things? This 22-page workbook is full of little vacations to take with your pencil. And it can inspire your creativity in your non-drawing endeavors, as well.

So scribble, doodle, and try out ideas. Make yourself and your friends laugh. Find some unexpected ways to come up with things to draw. Most of all, enjoy letting out your Creative Beast!

The Big Book Volume 1 is an $8.99 downloadable PDF, filled with drawing ideas for you to try. I have used these activities in my classes, both with grownups and with kids. Each exercise (or should I say experiment) is designed for you to try on your own, and some are also a blast to do in groups. All of them can turn out in very unexpected ways!

So buy one, print it out and scribble all over it! Your Creative Beast will thank you.

Add to Cart US$8.99, Downloadable PDF