Mural Project: DNA! Cell Stomata! Lines!

The lines are drawn for the first mural panel! This is our "smallest scale panel", with DNA in the center and leaf cell stomata around the outside...

Stomata are openings in leaves that regulate the air going in and out of them - it's how they breathe. The cells are like these big donuts. Well, small donuts - but you get the idea.

Next we will be having some students put dots of paint in each area to show what color they should be painted... and getting them to our mural artists!

The DNA took some work - I wanted them to be really fun to look at and paint, but also accurate - turns out there are an awful lot of interpretations of what DNA looks like out there!

Also we've numbered the squares each on the back with a letter and a number, and indication of which way is up - once we split these up for painting, they will be like a giant puzzle - and part of the fun is having the students wonder what it will look like when they put their pieces together. Whee!