Kids' Project: Team Cartooning

Kids are such incredible generators of stories. Stories just jump out of them.

Today we had the white boards out, and I laid them flat on the table. Then I drew the shape of a cat on each one.

I varied the poses, and that's about it. The kids added the rest.

This kitty went on quite a journey. She started out at home, then went through the door, and smelled a flower, then said "Oh no, I've got to go home," then rested under an umbrella and ran home in the rain.

There were three girls working on this. There was much discussion.

I love the way it came out. I love the way they changed the scenery.

Afterward they tried hiding some of the frames from each other by putting them under the table, and changing the order around.

Such a story. Such cartoonists -- all three of them at once!