The Lost Queen - 10 new pages

Page 101
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Alrighty, I've passed 100 pages! This batch takes us to Page 107, and Liesel and Gerritt are faced with a dilemma - Liesel's parents are clearly in danger, but Liesel's Book of Wishes seems to be sending them to a place that has nothing to do with saving them. The Illuminator of Manuscripts just draws em as he sees em. So Liesel and Gerritt emerge, after scaling the destruction left behind by the dragon, into a very different landscape than was there before.

Here's the link to the complete set of drawings on Flickr.

As I've mentioned, I've also got the first part of this novel out complete with narrative and dialog, it's a big PDF so you may have to be patient, but it lets you see how the text and drawings work together.

Now I must start looking for somewhere to publish the rest. This is such a small sampling of the story, but that's the beauty of visual storytelling - you can stay with some of the pages for a while and add your own ideas. We'll see where Liesel and Gerritt end up next... I've got a lot of Moleskines to fill!