Scarecrow Totem Pole Project - the next step

Our third-grade totem pole scarecrow is going to look most excellent. As I mentioned earlier, I showed the kids some examples of Haida art, along with some sample eyes, noses and mouths that I put together on one page.

I pointed out how bright and bold the Haida designs are, and encouraged them to go for it - then out came the foamies and scissors and glue and pens.

We've got wings for our owl at the top, and faces for pumpkins, and even bats to put on there.

Bear in mind these kids did all of this in about 40 minutes. They got the concept, and they went for it.  I love that.

There's a bunch more not shown here - time for me to get out the glue gun and see how this whole thing is going to stay together - without toppling or melting or anything like that. I told them my job is to get the thing to stand up, their job is to make it look cool. They did theirs, now I've got some engineering to do.