18 Heads? Seriously?

Last week I was illustrating for a class field trip at 826 Valencia in San Francisco.

This can be kind of a pressure situation, since the kids come up with some crazy stuff and you have to draw it as you go while listening to ongoing critiques over your shoulder... ("What is that?" "That's not right." "You need more claws." and so on).

This one hit a new high - the introduction of an 18-headed character.

For a few minutes, it was "eight" heads... and I was hoping it would stay that way. But it soon bounced back up to eighteen. Oh well.

Oh, and the heads were to be in the shape of peace signs. And there was to be nail polish.

So, I grabbed the Sharpie and gave it a go. The kids were pleased, although they told me I only had put 16 heads and needed two more.

The 18-headed creature was named Sharpenson, and it protected Water Girl from Icer the Ice Boy who threw ice cubes at her all the time.

I love drawing at the 826 Valencia field trips, you never know what you'll have to produce on the spot. 18 heads is definitely a new one.