Mural Project: No Boring Squares!

As I've mentioned, I'm designing a mural to be painted and put up on the side of the science lab at my kids' school.

Murals are a tricky business, regardless. But in the case of this one, we've got the added dimension of ensuring that as many students as possible get to participate in making it.

We've based it on a grid, so we can size it up to go on the wall - but also so we can build it out of 1-foot squares and have the kids paint each one.

This makes it so we don't have to have huge sheets of plywood laying out for this process - each kid or team can take their square and go paint it and bring it back...

It also means we'll need to number the squares and mark which way goes up so we don't spend the rest of the school year trying to put the thing together again.

My next challenge, after getting DNA right and figuring out the general layout, will be to make sure that each and every square is fun to paint. No dull plain-colored squares! So I think we'll be adding labels, and a title, and anything else we can think of. Oh, one other thing - I have to make sure that when we cut the labels apart across squares, we don't end up with any swearwords.