Chosen by Cats

So, we went down to ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) last weekend so some cats could pick us out.

They were short of staff (surprising since they've got vintage guitars on the walls and a whole room full of Tony LaRussa's baseball memorabilia, but apparently not enough resources to bring in more folks) so the wait took a while.

So we had time to circulate around and look at all the cats. ARF collects cats from the county shelter who have less than 24 hours left. 

I kept going back to these two brothers who were conked out together in one of the deluxe kitty adoption rooms. They weren't doing much, but they had a good vibe. 

So once we got into the process, we went to see them.

And one of them picked out my husband, and then we were done.

This is how it works.

Now I've got these two kittens following me around. 

The only casualty in the house so far is a roll of toilet paper that got murdered in the bathtub.

They like to watch Champion's League football.

This is what we know so far.

After I lost my last kitty, I asked him to send me a "ping" when he thought I ought to adopt another kitty or kitties. This was our deal.

What I got back was, "Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping!" Which is to say, "There are a ton of fabulous friends out there, go meet some." Thanks Elvis.

So, I highly recommend ARF (boy are they thorough), the SPCA, and your local shelter. Just go and let someone pick you out. That's how we've always done it.